Intro  | GDU vs GDG | Digital certifications | Certifications #2



Intro  | GDU vs GDG | Digital certifications | Certifications #2


Google digital unlocked – Google Digital Unlocked is a free Digital marketing training program sponsored by Google. Created to help individuals and businesses learn the basics of Internet Marketing.

It’s explicitly designed for Indian audiences. But if you ask me its for everyone who is intrigued to learn Marketing basics. Related to this program, Google has a Digital Garage program for outer India also.


This program gives a summary and provides the potential Digital has got for businesses and how they can tap them efficiently.

There are about 20 different courses. All courses are self-paced, which means you can learn it at your speed. Certifications further improve all courses.


Besides the online mode of exposing digital marketing education, this Digital Unlocked program also hosts offline workshops. In terms of the level of course material, it’s fundamental.




Google Digital Unlocked vs. Google digital garage:

The platforms are similar; just the minor difference is that Digital Unlocked is designed for the Indian viewers with examples concerning the Indian region, whereas the Digital Unlocked platform is for the viewers from the UK region. The Content and the material of both platforms are the same.


Usage of Certificate:

One can use Google Digital Unlocked Certificate to showcase your knowledge at the time of Interviews.


Yet remember, Google Digital Unlocked Course only incorporates the basics of Digital Marketing. Moreover, it is general training to do real projects; you will have to require proper Digital Marketing Training.

However, what if I say you can earn Certification from Google and learn all the theories of Digital Marketing Practically.


The passage marks to get the certificate: One has to attempt a minimum of 32 questions entirely out of 40 asked questions, for passing the exam, and earning the certification.



Digital Marketing Certifications


Here are few Digital Marketing Certifications are listed that would help you gain skills in your career.

Are you one of those who have been intrigued by Digital Marketing but are clueless about where to begin?


Have you been working in traditional marketing firms and now want to understand how operating Digital can help your business exponentially?

Or you are the one who is already working in Digital Marketing firms and want to widen your range to understand the holistic Digital Marketing landscape.


If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are on the right track!! There is an excess of Digital Marketing courses these days, and learning about various aspects of Digital Marketing can get very complicated without any fixed guidance. 


This blog post tries to approach this problem by surrounding a complete list of well-crafted courses so that you can not only kick-start your learning curve but also deck your resume and make it stand out.


This list has been created by keeping this aspect in mind.

ALL the courses highlighted are FREE, and the ten free certifications mentioned, even provide a certificate or a badge that you can share online.





1) Intro to Digital Marketing with Google’s Digital Garage Certificate

  • As I discussed earlier in the article

  2)Video Marketing – You Tube Certification

Video is becoming a selected content medium, and so it is essential to have a well-defined video content strategy. This certification from YouTube, which has 29 modules, connects the channel growth for the best practices, channel development, and platform strategies to support it. – Click here to learn video marketing.

3) Web/eCommerce/Mobile Analytics –Google’s Analytics Academy

Working on a great Content but not sure whether it is reaching your aspired audience? Have an e-commerce mobile app/website, and you want to optimize your services for a more significant ROI(return on investment)? This certification from Google will give you that ecstasy. 

This video-format course is structured across four modules: Ecommerce Analytics, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Google Analytics Platform Principles, and Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals.

Span: 4.5 hrs

4)Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Advertising including Google’s Adwords Certification and Bing Ads Accreditation Exam

Have a website but not getting enough relevant traffic? Need to understand the best way to post your ad on Display, Video, and Mobile platforms? You have an eCommerce firm and want to leverage search engines for driving traffic to your product? The following two courses will help you understand all about Search Engine Advertising:

Click the link to learn this course- Google Adwords Fundamentals

It Includes seven different modules; one must clear the Adwords Fundamentals exam and one among the opposite 6 (Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile Advertising) to urge certified. Courses like DoubleClick, Google Web Designer, and Brand Solutions

Bing is now being included with Microsoft products like Office and Xbox and is the search engine for Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s assistant devices, Bing’s share is expected to grow.

Search Engine Optimization:

Who wouldn’t want to reach out to their audience, when the audience is indeed looking out for free’? This is where optimizing the website to search engines is essential. Unlike Google Analytics and Adwords certification, Google doesn’t provide any other certification for SEO (due to the volatility of SEO algorithms). Yet, below are some of the guides and courses, that can help you get started:

5)Social Media Marketing by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

It is essential to know the nuances of each to plan your campaigns better to increase brand recognition and drive engagement. This offers 86 modules; this course covers best practices for campaign planning and optimization using Facebook’s family of apps and services, including Instagram. Note that while all the areas are often obtained for free of charge, you should pay and schedule an exam if you want to urge an officially recognized certificate from Facebook. Click here to learn Facebook blueprint certification.

6)LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn has recently started on-demand video series to help master the fundamentals of Marketing on LinkedIn. The six video courses cover the various aspects, including LinkedIn Ads, Content Marketing, measuring and optimizing campaigns, targeting, etc. Add on to this; the LinkedInMarketing website includes five modules: patterns, case studies, and datasheets that offer rich penetrations into LinkedIn.

Click here to learn LinkedIn marketing.

7) Content Marketing

It is said that ‘Content is the King’. If the right Content is not in place, the complete Digital marketing strategy will go for a toss. Just like the different courses, this Content Marketing certification covers various aspects of content marketing strategy, including the ability of storytelling, sourcing of ideas, content repurposing, content creation framework, and repositioning content promotion and finally optimizing and analyzing.

Span: 3.5 hrs 

8) Email marketing

Customers now have the right to opt-out of emails. A carefully crafted email strategy is essential if marketers need to leverage(use maximum) the most personal medium to target their audience. This certification highlights the lifecycle of marketing, analytics, email design, segmentation, optimization, and deliverability, all accompanying the creation of an email marketing strategy that grows your business.

9) Hubspot Inbound Marketing Platform

This is one of the best courses on the list. This course focuses on concepts that pull the potential customers to your website with marketing. This course beautifully interlinks all aspects of Content, Digital, and sales-focused marketing. This course’s 4.5 hr journey leaves you intellectually stimulated and has a great sense of achievement and purpose.

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