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 BRITISH COUNCIL | IDP .The only difference will be in your certificate, which will adequately mention your test partner, whether it is the British Council or IDP.

British Council and IDP are the joint test partners of IELTS. Both conduct the IELTS exam regularly throughout the year, depending on your city.

University of Cambridge, British Council, and IDP all together created IELTS. It so happens that in certain countries, the British Council is in charge of IELTS exams, and in other countries, IDP runs IELTS exams, and then there are countries where both the British Council and IDP offer IELTS exams, which people find perplexion and are not sure where to go.

Some Facts of IELTS exams:- BRITISH COUNCIL | IDP

  1. IELTS exam will be conducted by the British Council and IDP in India at the same time (Usually 1.30 pm) on the same day all over the country.
  2. Tests in all three modules are the same for the British Council and IDP for the same day. Speaking will be held on another day for both organizations.
  3. Listening and Reading Tests’ answers will be written in the OMR sheet, and one has to write a complete answer to achieve a score for that question. So no biased nature in these two tests. For writing and speaking, it depends on the quality of the examiner.
  4. The exam is conducted in a well equipped and most suited environment for both organizations in the same city but at different places on the same day.
  5. Now from my personal experience for IELTS in India, I would say that Speaking Examiners from the British Council are of higher quality. There are also student reports that IDP examiners sometimes shortened the three-part speaking test.



IDP has the worst management of exams. Few of my friends had given IELTS exam through IDP. On June 10th, my friends had their listening, reading, and writing exams at the move-pic hotel, Bangalore.

The exam is supposed to start at 1 pm, by 11.15 they were asked to report. Everything went well till 1o clock, and all the 100 candidates were seated in the hall by that time and eagerly waiting for the question paper. At this time, one organizer announced that they have a technical issue and trying to resolve it. 

Everyone thought that there might be some issue with the speakers or headphones. But the exciting part is they didn’t get the courier with exam material till then, and they are waiting for that. 

Hopelessly they have announced at 1.45 pm that they haven’t received the exam question papers and are not sure when they are going to get it. Yet all the candidate’s cooperated with the staff, and finally, the courier arrived, and the listening test started at 3.15 pm, followed by the reading test. After reading, a writing test should conduct, but they were asked to write the exam on the hotel terrace because they are announced to vacate the exam hall as there is some booking for some function in that venue. 

Everyone was pissed off by then as they didn’t have proper food from the morning, and they were asked to give an exam on an open terrace. Many people demanded an explanation and to reschedule the exam. 

But no representative from IDP has come to control the situation. Finally, at 8.00 pm, they gave the writing exam on the terrace without proper lighting and no suitable seating arrangement. It is not like the International exam as they call it. Some people said that the same kind of things happened previously with IDP. 

This is the example of how IDP conducts the exams. Many people from outstations, pregnant ladies came to give the exam and at 10 pm on the outskirts of the city where no proper cab facility is there, they were deserted

So my friends think twice before you decide to choose IDP.


Types of IELTS

1) IELTS – includes two types of test again

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration

  • IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic is for test takers who wish to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for those seeking professional registration.

  • IELTS General Training

IELTS General Training is for test takers who wish to migrate to an English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK), and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level.

2) IELTS for UKVI & IELTS for life skills

Please contact the organization you are applying to confirm which type of test you need to take. This also includes two types.


If you are applying for a Tier 4 student visa, you may not need to take an IELTS for UKVI.

  • IELTS for UKVI (Academic and General Training)

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training for UKVI are designed to meet certain administrative requirements that are specified by the UK Home Office.

The actual test taken is the same as IELTS (for all other purposes), same content, examiners, format, level of difficulty, scoring, and so on. If you are in doubt as to which test version to take, you should contact the organization you are applying to check their requirements.

3) IELTS Life Skills – A1, A2 and B1

IELTS Life Skills – A1: is for the family route

  • Family life as a partner of a settled person (spouse/partner)
  • Family life as a parent (parent of a dependant).

IELTS Life Skills – A2: is for the family route (extension)

  • Family life as a partner of a settled person (spouse/partner)
  • Family life as a parent (parent of a dependant).

IELTS Life Skills – B1: Indefinite leave to remain

  • Settlement/permanent residency.

IELTS Life Skills – B1: British Citizenship

  • Naturalization


  • PAPER-BASED TEST – By visiting the center and attempting the required tests
  • Why take computer-delivered IELTS?

There is more than one reason why IELTS on computers is best for you! The IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) has been a paper-based English test for almost 30 years, and it was time to add more options for your convenience. Do you know that IDP is the first one to introduce IELTS on the Computer in India?

  • results in 5-7 days
  • multiple test dates and slots
  • edit answers in writing test 
  • free practice tests & familiarization videos
  • What’s new with computer-delivered IELTS?
  • You can now highlight text and make notes
  • Save time by copying and pasting directly from your text and notes
  • You can easily browse forward and backward through your questions
  • To help keep track of the word count, use the automatic word counter for the Writing test

They have a bunch of videos to help you out.

Test format

What happens to the test format?

IELTS ,TEST PATTERN, TYPES OF TEST ( learn more about IELTS by clicking given link)Good news, it remains the same! The questioning pattern, format, level of difficulty, and scoring remains the same as paper-based IELTS. You’ll be taking Listening, Reading, and Writing test on a computer. The Speaking test will continue to be taken face-to-face by a certified IELTS examiner in a quiet room.

In the computer-delivered Listening test, the timings are slightly different from the paper-based test.

  • You are given some time to read your questions before you start any part of the Listening test
  • You have two minutes to review your answers after finishing the Listening test
  • The duration of the Listening test is approx. 30 – 36 minutes


Before you register or booking

  • Have a valid ID Document (National Identity Card or Passport Document). This will be the same ID that you need to bring along on your test day.

How to register for IELTS exam

To make an IELTS application online, you need to follow a simple registration process by An official website for IELTS booking test or Registering for IELTS.

IELTS Exam Fees

The registration fee for IELTS is Rs. 13,250 in INDIA.


Here’s a step by step guide to registering for the IELTS test online.

Register online and pay quickly with Netbanking, Debit/Credit card and PayTM

You may either book your IELTS test online or visit your nearest IDP branch to book it offline.Here’s how:

  1. Log on to our IELTS India website.
  2. Select the option ”Register for Test.”
  3. Select your preferred test – computer-delivered IELTS/ paper-based (IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, or Life Skills).
  4. Select your test type/module – Academic or General Training for IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, A1, and B1 for Life Skills (be extremely careful while choosing the module you wish to take).
  • There are two options available for test 
  • You can register for a Paper-based test at this location through the “Register” button
  • 2) You can register for a Computer-delivered test at this location through the “Register” button
  1. Pick your desired test location/city (from the available IELTS test centers in India).
  2. Once done, you will find a list of dates available for your preferences. Select your desired date and time slot.
  3. Fill up the required details and complete your online application. Remember, you will also have to upload a clear, scanned color copy of your passport to complete the process.
  4. Proceed to pay the test fee.

Once your test date is booked, you will receive an acknowledgment of your registered email/phone number. For the Speaking test, you can book a slot online on your preferred date and time. If you fail to choose a slot within the stated time period, a time slot will be automatically allocated to you.

  • In case you do not prefer to register using the online registration mode. Alternatively, you may register in person at the nearest IDP IELTS branch or Referral Partner. Documents required at the time of registration include a photocopy of your passport ID (front and back page) and signed and dated declaration document.. 


  • Adequately – Appropriate, Acceptable
  • Perplexion – Confusion
  • Biased – Unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.
  • Pissed off – Very annoyed
  • Deserted – Empty

Hurray!!!!, that’s all. Thank you for reading my article. 

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